Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Release: Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn's Statement on Tax Day

Republican Party of Iowa
Contact: Jeff Boeyink, 515.864.6800

For immediate release;
April 15, 2009

Statement from RPI Chairman Matt Strawn

This morning, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Matt Strawn released the following statement marking the arrival of the federal income tax deadline and Iowa Democratic efforts to raise taxes on Iowans:

“Today marks the deadline for Iowans to file their individual income tax returns with the federal government. Unfortunately, if Governor Culver and majority Democrats have their way, this will be the final time the federal taxes Iowans are paying today will be deductible on Iowa state income tax returns.

“If you liked a subprime mortgage crisis fueled by unscrupulous brokers who duped homeowners into low introductory interest rates only to dramatically increase rates and mortgage payments in later years, you’ll love Iowa Democrats plan to do the same to Iowa taxpayers.

“Iowans need to read the fine print on the Democrats’ cynical attempt to sell their plan as a ‘tax cut.’ This ‘subprime’ approach to tax policy offers a meager tax reduction for some Iowans in years one and two and then hammers them with huge tax increases from year three and forever onward. This is a $450 million ‘balloon’ payment of a tax increase that will pop the budgets of most Iowa families.

“In addition, the Democrats’ proposal would immediately raise taxes on huge numbers of Iowans and small businesses, even those earning as little as $20,000 annually. And by year three, more than 600,000 Iowa families and small businesses would see significant increases in their state tax burden.

“The Democrats’ proposed tax plan is a cruel hoax on the vast majority of Iowans and the fact the bill is still alive and kicking on our federal tax day simply adds insult to injury,” concluded Strawn.