Friday, April 03, 2009

Chairman Strawn Releases Statement on Iowa Supreme Court Ruling

Statement from RPI Chairman Matt Strawn

This morning, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Matt Strawn released the following statement following the ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court in Varnum v. Brien.

“The sad and simple fact is this decision could have been avoided. Once clear that Iowa’s marriage law was under attack by the courts and outside interest groups, majority Democrats had every opportunity to advance legislation removing the politics from protecting marriage and placing the decision directly in the hands of Iowa voters.

“Instead, this is yet another example of majority Democrats dodging the tough decisions that responsible legislating requires. Whether it’s unsustainable budgets, job-killing labor legislation, punishing tax increases through elimination of federal deductibility, or failing to lead on defining marriage, Governor Culver and legislative Democrats continue to demonstrate they are completely out of touch with the values of Iowans,” concluded Strawn.