Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Grassley: CBO analysis that shows stimulus bill jobs to cost as much as $300,000 each

WASHINGTON --- Senator Chuck Grassley said today that a preliminary analysis by the Congressional Budget Office shows that the jobs created by the economic stimulus legislation being debated in the Senate would cost taxpayers between $100,000 and $300,000 a piece.

Grassley said these numbers should be contrasted to those under the January baseline of the Congressional Budget Office, in which there is no stimulus, that show the Gross Domestic Product per worker is about $100,000. Grassley said the new analysis indicates the cost of each stimulus job to be as much as three times more than jobs created without the stimulus bill.

“There’s been a lot talk about bang for the buck, but there’s no talk about actually making sure it happens so that Americans get the help they need,” Grassley said. “Before Congress spends another $1 trillion, we ought to make sure we are getting our money’s worth. Congressional leaders should postpone a final vote on the stimulus bill until the Senate has had the opportunity to carefully review a full analysis of the Congressional Budget Office.”

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