Thursday, February 19, 2009



Call your House Members IMMEDIATELY!

Democrats who control the Iowa House of Representatives have scheduled debate for later this morning on the so-called “prevailing wage” bill that will create state mandated wages and benefits for those working on public construction projects and raise property taxes (House File 333).

HF 333 would require contractors and subcontractors who work on public improvements to pay wages and fringe benefits that have been established by collective bargaining agreements. Even those supporting the legislation acknowledge it will result in higher construction costs for public projects and that it WILL raise property taxes.

Labor union lobbyists have flooded the State Capitol today to lobby for this bill and secure the 51 votes needed for passage.

Organizations fighting for small businesses and property taxes are working hard to defeat this bill, but they need your help.

Iowa Republicans must stand up against this power grab and tax raising scheme and contact their State Representatives, TODAY! Call your State Representative and ask him/her to vote NO on HF 333.

Please call your State Representative: 515.281.3221

PS: the debate will start yet this morning, so time is of the essence and you must ACT, NOW!

Don’t know your State Representative? Click here and use this tool to find out who represents you.

Want to see the actual bill? Click here and see the actual legislation.

PSS: Former Governor’s Branstad and Ray released the following statement this morning:

“At a time of economic stress, it makes no sense to saddle Iowa taxpayers with a big increase in the cost of public improvement projects. Due to the economic downturn and the floods, state and local governments are facing significant economic hardships. They cannot afford the additional costs of a prevailing wage law. Because of the increased cost of public projects to taxpayers, nine states have repealed prevailing wage laws since the last state passed one. No state has passed a prevailing wage law in the last 30 years.

As former governors, we believe that an Iowa prevailing wage law would be bad public policy and we urge Iowa legislators to vote against it.”

Governor Terry E. Branstad
Governor Robert D. Ray