Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sen. Rich Olive: Wasteful Bureaucracy’s Best Friend

On flood relief, Rich Olive votes for less transparency and then tries to cover his tracks later

DES MOINES, IA - As more evidence of serious waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars are discovered every day in connection to the newly formed Rebuild Iowa Office (RIO), Sen. Rich Olive (D-Story City) is finding that his rhetoric is not matching the votes he took on the issue just two weeks ago.

While flood victims are struggling to get back in their homes and get their businesses back open, thousands of dollars have been wasted on putting new carpet in the office Des Moines and millions of dollars will be needed to pay the salaries of over 30 new full time employers, including the services of a full time lobbyist.

Speaking today, Olive voiced his concerns about the Rebuild Iowa Office becoming a permanent fixture in state government noting, “I think the concern is we’re creating a whole new government agency, a permanent agency, and none of us think that’s necessarily the way to go”.
Yet only a few days ago, Olive voted against nine separate amendments that would have brought added accountability and transparency to the agency created to oversee and implement the flood relief effort in Iowa.
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