Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Chair Who Dared......To Stand Up To Big Labor

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By Tim Palmer, Hawkeye Review

This morning at 10:00 a.m. in Cedar Rapids, Chairman Matt Strawn continued his state wide tour to highlight good jobs, aptly named the "Job Security for Iowans Tour." Here's an excerpt from Matt's Email report sent across the state recently:
"Statewide media tour will shed light on Democrat’s job-killing labor union agenda and Republican solutions to grow our state and secure good jobs."

Hosted by Jim and Cindy Golding of CNJ Investments, this event was held in a medium sized conference room with tables, plush chairs and the attending media and small business owners. I debated taking a picture of what I'm about to describe to you and then thought better of it, sometimes you don't "kick a bully in the knees."
Assembled along one side of the room was a large entourage of local union leaders, including the head of the local Pipe-fitters union who swarmed in just prior to the beginning of this mornings press conference, outnumbering all others by a 3:1 margin. Create your own mental picture of big men, stoic faces and crossed arms. They looked rather "pissed!"
In the midst of this potentially hostile group, our chair stood strong and articulated the need for pro-job policies, creating opportunities for small business owners here in Iowa with good tax and regulatory policy from Des Moines. Strawn also laments on our states 49th ranking in new business start ups.
Moral of the story today....when big labor turns out in big numbers to attempt intimidation, it tells you the message is landing in all the right places. Republicans and conservatives need to take note of this strong message discipline. Be ready to engage over the next weeks and months to take back the common sense principles that made Iowa a great state to start a business and raise a family.
Chairman Strawn, well done....You are modeling great leadership across the state and re-engaging the base. "Refreshing!"