Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Strawn: Iowans Shouldn’t Buy Braley’s “Job Creation” Spin

DES MOINES – Today, in an effort to distract from his past congressional votes to allow terrorist detainees on American soil, First District Congressman Bruce Braley is claiming the decision to transport Guantanamo terror detainees mere miles from Iowa’s eastern border is all about job creation.

“When it comes to job creation for Iowans, the Bruce Braley record tells an entirely different story,” said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Matt Strawn. “On congressional vote after vote, Congressman Braley has voted against the interests of taxpayers and the small business owners that create two-thirds of Iowa’s jobs.”

“Iowans shouldn’t buy Congressman Braley’s recent effort to cloak himself as a job creating crusader, as his voting record in Congress indicates a repeatedly hostility to those in Iowa who actually create jobs ,” said Strawn.

First, Congressman Braley voted for the President’s nearly $800 billion failed stimulus legislation. Not only has Iowa lost 13,590 jobs since Braley voted for the bloated stimulus legislation, but more recently the White House’s own website took credit for stimulus job creation in non-existent Iowa congressional districts. Those jobs the White House and Braley claimed were created or saved, in Iowa, came at a cost of $283,692 per job.

Second, Congressman Braley voted for Nancy Pelosi’s “cap-and-trade” energy tax legislation that would not only devastate Iowa’s agriculture and livestock industries, but would raise Iowans’ utility bills by an estimated 25 percent.

Third, Congressman Braley led the charge on the House Energy and Commerce Committee for health care legislation that would cost taxpayers nearly $700 billion over the next ten years, with employers and job creators footing much of that bill.

“What politicians like Congressman Braley don’t understand is that it is hard-working Iowans, farmers, and small business owners that will create the jobs to pull our state and nation out of recession. Instead of promoting policies empowering these Iowans, Congressman Braley continually supports job-killing bills that raise the federal deficit and increase taxes on energy consumers and job providers,” said Strawn.

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