Thursday, October 22, 2009


Statement from Governor Culver’s News Release Oct. 14:
Governor Chet Culver announced today that, as state government begins to implement a 10% across-the-board cut in spending, he is going to reduce his state salary by ten percent.
“This national economic recession has meant financial sacrifices for everyone across the State of Iowa, and it should be no different for me” said Governor Culver. “As Iowans face reduced state services and many state employees face the likelihood of layoffs, my office will lead by example in making budget cuts and it will begin with my salary. We must face this challenge together.”
The salary for the Governor of Iowa is $130,000 as determined by state law.
Source: Office of Governor Culver news release. Click here.

Fact Check

A 10 percent reduction of Governor Culver’s $130,000 salary would mean cutting $13,000. However, the draft plan reductions released yesterday show only a $7,000 cut in the Governor’s salary, about a 5% reduction. The Des Moines Register reports that Culver’s staff explained the difference, saying the 10% reduction only applies to the remaining salary for the fiscal year. Even under that theory, Culver’s $7,000 salary reduction still falls short.

Click here to read the entire Des Moines Register article.
Click here to read the preliminary budget cut plans.

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