Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Liberal, Radical Democrat Announces for Secretary of Agriculture

Thicke’s ultra radical views doomed his reappointment to Environmental Protection Commission

Des Moines, IA – Today Democrat Francis Thicke announced his intention to run for Secretary of Agriculture and oppose current Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey, in the 2010 General Election. Jeffrey Boeyink, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Iowa said, “This is the same Francis Thicke whose radical views on the environment and farming doomed his reappointment to the Environmental Protection Commission. If he is so far out of the mainstream for even liberal Governor Culver to stomach, then he is certainly too liberal to be entrusted with leading our state’s agricultural community.

“Agriculture is serious business in Iowa and now is not the time to experiment with the backbone of Iowa’s economy. Francis Thicke’s radical agenda would spell disaster to the stability and sustainability of our family farmers and the jobs they represent,” said Boeyink.

Boeyink is referring to the fact that in 2007 Governor Culver chose not to reappoint Mr. Thicke and three others to positions on the Iowa Environmental Protection Commission.

Boeyink continued, “Bill Northey has served this state with incredible honesty and integrity during his first term as Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture. Every year he travels to all 99 counties in Iowa to discuss agricultural issues and answer constituent questions.

“A true ambassador for Iowa’s ag community, Secretary Northey has provided a steady hand at the Department of Agriculture. His focus on urban conservation and expanded use of good farming techniques coupled with efforts to expand wetland restoration and preservation shows an effectively balanced public policy agenda that protects our rural environment while promoting profitable family farms and agri-business throughout Iowa,” concluded Boeyink.

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